“A CEDS Is The Result Of A Regionally-Owned Planning Process Designed To Build Capacity And Guide The Economic Prosperity And Resiliency Of An Area Or Region.”

In January 2015, the proposed final rule which provided many changes and updates to the guiding legislation of the EDA became effective. Part of the new regulation concerns the CEDS documents completed by planning partners across the U.S.  A CEDS Content Guideline was produced as a reference for producing updated and compliant documents.

EDA CEDS Content Guidelines – Jan. 2015

CEDS Guidelines Webinar Recording

Following the updated content guidelines, the following sections must be included in the analysis (taken directly from the EDA website);

  • Summary Background: A summary background of the economic conditions of the region;
  • SWOT Analysis: An in-depth analysis of regional strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats;
  • Strategic Direction/Action Plan: The strategic direction and action plan should build on findings from the SWOT analysis and incorporate/integrate elements from other regional plans (e.g., land use and transportation, workforce development, etc.) where appropriate as determined by the EDD or community/region engaged in development of the CEDS.  The action plan should also identify the stakeholder(s) responsible for implementation, timetables, and opportunities for the integrated use of other local, state, and federal funds;
  • Evaluation Framework: Performance measures used to evaluate the organization’s implementation of the CEDS and impact on the regional economy.

For additional information regarding the CEDS document, content guidelines, requirements, preparation, and other topics, please visit http://eda.gov/ceds/.