Action Plan

“How Are We Going To Get There?”

The action plan distills the vision, goals and objectives into concrete, specific actions to achieve the aspirations of the region’s
stakeholders. Building on the well-defined strategic direction, the action plan should explicitly describe how the region will work together to achieve its goals and measurable objectives, including activity ownership, timetables, and committed resources.

The Strategic Direction provided information about five prioritized goal areas that CEDS committee members and other stakeholders felt were of significance to the advancement of the regional economy. In this section we will discuss the selected objectives and actions related to each of those goal areas.

Ensure that the workforce of the Buckeye Hills region has all the skills necessary to participate and succeed in the 21st century workforce.

Objective – Buckeye Hills staff will participate in a minimum of five (5) outreach activities with local educational institutions or workforce organizations, within the next five years, to communicate the importance of timeliness, professionalism, and reliability as key qualities of a productive member of the workforce.

Objective – Buckeye Hills RTPO staff will select three (3) areas within the district for multimodal transportation system analysis by December 2015. Buckeye Hills will complete the multimodal analysis activities by June 2017.

Objective -Buckeye Hills will serve as an information resource between workforce organizations (WIB/WIA/One Stops) and local development professionals, providing at least six (6) points of contact annually detailing available programs, current needs, and new opportunities.

Provide the residents and businesses of southeastern Ohio with utility infrastructure that will satisfy current demands, and scale to meet the needs of the future.

Objective – Buckeye Hills staff will complete and disseminate at least one (1) Local Government Innovation Fund study by winter 2016, outlining the potential scenarios for the utilization of low power and no power water treatment systems in communities of less than 250 residents.

Objective – Buckeye Hills RTPO staff will complete one (1) prioritized Transportation Improvement Plan project listing for the region to be submitted to ODOT by June 2017.

Objective – Buckeye Hills staff will hold at least one (1) informational/ training session per year in each county, providing current information regarding available public infrastructure financing and program guidelines.

Work collaboratively to continue diversifying the regional economy to lessen the impact of any external threats to the traditional economic base.

Objective – Buckeye Hills staff will participate in the completion of one (1) study which will analyze the impacts of shale gas exploration in eastern and southeastern Ohio. This study will provide additional cluster analysis for future CEDS documents and will be completed by winter 2016.

Support opportunities for residents to capitalize on meaningful career opportunities within the Buckeye Hills region.

Objective – Buckeye Hills staff will participate in a minimum of one (1) professional pathway outreach activity with a local educational institution per year, for each of the five years in the CEDS update cycle. A minimum of five (5) activities will be completed by April 2020.

Serve as a resource and a facilitator to local communities addressing quality of life challenges for residents.

Objective – Buckeye Hills staff will prepare and publish one (1) public data compendium containing regionally important data for use by local communities as they research solutions to pertinent issues. The first edition of this compendium will be released by winter 2015.

Objective – Buckeye Hills staff will annually fulfill a minimum of 100 data requests fielded from local officials, community representatives, stakeholders, and local citizens, free of charge.