Disaster Resilience

A successful economic plan document should address disaster recovery, both physical disasters and economic disasters, as a key topic of consideration when considering the economic future of the region.

The summary document linked below includes discussion and overall information about both physical and economic disasters in the Buckeye Hills region.

Disaster Resilience Summary – August 2015

Disaster Resilience Maps – August 2015

Physical Disaster – Basic analysis of the region and the record of historical events show that the eight county district is especially susceptible to flooding, wildfire, and strong storms.  Since strong storms can occur at any location regardless of physical features or orientation, we will not be focusing on those.  Both flooding and wildfire have physical attributes and qualities that directly affect the likelihood of occurrence, we will be examining those events. Click here to learn more about Physical Disaster resilience in the Buckeye Hills region.

Economic Disaster – Analysis of current and historic employment and industry data help us to understand the types of economic disasters that have befallen the Buckeye Hills region in the past, and how we may avoid or recover from similar events in the future. Click here to learn more about Economic Disaster resilience concepts.