Physical Disaster

“The Ability Of A Region To Prevent, Plan For, And Recover From A Major Physical Disaster That Would Cause Harm To The Regional Economy Is Essential.”

The Buckeye Hills region of eastern and southeastern Ohio is primarily susceptible to three forms of physical disaster;

Strong Seasonal Storms (Derecho)

In order to help better communicate the physical disaster risks that exist for the eight county region, Buckeye Hills has compiled a Combined Physical Disaster Hazard Risk assessment.  The assessment was completed by combining several pieces of publicly available data for each township in the region in order to generate a risk factor on a scale from 1 to 5.  The factors considered were ODNR Wildfire Risk Rating, FEMA floodplain locations, and the presence of high value public locations (police, fire, EMS, schools) within floodplain areas.  The result can be viewed in the interactive mapping application below.

Disaster Resilience Summary (pdf)
Disaster Resilience Summary – Maps (pdf)

Hazard Mitigation Plans

Athens County Emergency Operations Plan (2013)
Hocking County Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan (2005)
Meigs County
Monroe County
Morgan County
Noble County
Perry County Hazard Mitigation Plan 2 3 (2011)
Washington County Multi Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan (2016)