Evaluation Framework

‘How Are We Doing And What Can We Do Better?’

The performance framework is the mechanism we will utilize to determine how we are progressing toward the established regional goals. This will be a measure of the objectives identified in the Strategic Direction, and the actions detailed in the Action Plan.  Traditional measures of progress include, jobs created; jobs retained; private investment leveraged; and other similar measures. These measures can include any number of attainable outcome, such as broadband adoption, increase of skilled workers, increase in wages, the growth of innovation, etc.

The general evaluation framework for the 2015  CEDS is shown below. Updates to the progress will be posted as they occur. Traditional annual measures of regional jobs created and retained, as well as private investment will also be listed here after being reported to EDA via the annual GPRA form.

(Note: Information about these objectives originated in the Action Plan section of the CEDS.)

UPDATE: The draft 2017 Annual Report has been released for review. The document includes the status of goals and objectives outlined below. For additional information on these topics, please review the Annual Report document